Automate the sale of your products in a couple of minutes.

CatCut instantly pays to popular payment systems.
With CatCut, anyone can pay for your service. In a few simple steps you can sell any product - virtual or material.
CatCut sales are limited by your imagination

Access to video, music, photos, drawings - the different fruits of your creativity.

Access to closed groups in social networks, gaming teams, clans, etc.

Your books, articles and other results of your work in educational, informational and other fields.

How it works?

In the process of adding a new product, you need to describe it and set the price. Then specify the final link, the link to which the buyer will go after purchasing the product - it can be a link to a video with limited access or to a file in the cloud. If this is a physical product, then the link should lead to a page with a description of steps for its further receipt.
After adding the product, you will receive a link for sale. Now you can place the link in any part of the Internet. Do not forget to tell in detail about the product that you sell and how to get it. Everything so that users can trust you.
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CatCut Affiliate Sales

Thanks to the partnership function, you can easily set up passive sales. With just a few clicks, your partners will sell your product themselves and receive a share that you will expose yourself.
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