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Tens of thousands views for free
Payment only for real visitors
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CatCut - advertising system
Want to promote a business? With CatCut you will attract the attention of users from the most popular social networks, videos and photo services, all kinds of blogs, forums, programs.
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Pay for the result
Advertising is free. With CatCut, you pay a fixed price only for going to site your potential customer. You can always control and adjust total or daily expenses.
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Make changes anytime
At any time you can redistribute funds. Edit, delete or create ads. Turn off or turn on it when you see fit.
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Do not worry about protection
With our unique multi-level verification of clicks interest, you will receive an instant refund if intruders click on your ad.
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Everything`s under control
With CatCut you always get clear and relevant reports. Who wants to improve the quality of advertising can contact our experts.
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Manage everything in pleasure
Everything is simple and clear. You will not waste precious time on mastering the settings of various advertising campaigns and control panels.
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Reach out to people in different ways
Your ad will always be displayed beautifully on any, even the simplest device.
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