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Earn on affiliate programs

Affiliate programs from CatCut - this is a great opportunity to earn on sales of other people`s products. Thus, you become an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and get a percentage of the sale of the product.

How it works?

  • Select an affiliate program from the catalog. Detailed statistics, filters and sorting will help you with this. We recommend first of all to pay attention to the programs with high MAX-rating, which reflects the seriousness of the intentions of the owner to work in the project.
  • Connect affiliate program.
  • Advertise the product through the affiliate links of this affiliate program and get a percentage of sales.
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Important information


This is a special paid sorting option. The higher this parameter, the more the seller invests in advertising this product. This parameter reflects the seriousness of the intentions of the seller to work in the project.

For example, some new affiliate programs may be in greater demand than the old ones, but the new affiliate programs are not as high in statistics as the older ones. But the MAX-rating allows you to identify among the new affiliate programs those that can really become very popular in the future. So, you can be the first to collect the cream in sales.

As for the older partner programs, the MAX-rating allows you to identify among them those that are still working successfully and bring great profit. In any case, besides the MAX-rating, pay attention to other parameters, but the MAX-rating in the selection is very valuable.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are the main tool for product advertising to customers.

How do they work? You are connecting an affiliate program. When an affiliate program is connected, one affiliate link is automatically generated. You can generate an unlimited number of affiliate links. The list of generated affiliate links is available by clicking on the “Affiliate links” button on the block of the connected affiliate program.

You can generate an affiliate link directly to the form of payment, an affiliate link to the statistics and description of the affiliate program, as well as affiliate links to the landing pages, if the seller has created them for this product.

Further, such affiliate links need to advertise to attract buyers. You can advertise them everywhere: on forums, your blogs, websites, create your own landing pages for them, pour traffic from social networks, contextual advertising, buxs and other advertising systems on them. We encourage sellers to describe distribution recommendations for you to make it easier for you to choose a system for advertising. We also recommend using the CatCut advertiser section for advertising affiliate links.

Since you can create an unlimited number of affiliate links, you can create different affiliate links for different traffic sources. The statistics of each affiliate link will allow you to analyze the sales funnel and determine which traffic source is most effective. Notes for each affiliate link will not let you forget the details of where you placed this link.

When a person follows your affiliate link, CatCut remembers that it was you who attracted this person. Thus, when a person pays for a product, a percentage of its payment according to the affiliate program will be deducted to you.

ATTENTION! It is strictly forbidden to advertise links by illegal methods, for example, to send SPAM. Such accounts will be blocked, the possibility of withdrawing money from the project will be closed for all types of earnings.

Landing pages

Landing pages are the pages to which traffic is directed when advertising a product. They have a more attractive design than the payment page and contain more information for buyers. To attract customers, you can create your own landing pages. Promotional materials that sellers provide for some affiliate programs can also help you with this. On your landing pages, you need to place a “Buy” button or a similar one with the affiliate link to a payment method. Affiliate link to the form of payment can be found in the "Connected Affiliate Programs".

To simplify your work on attracting buyers, we encourage sellers to create at least one landing page for their affiliate program. The list of landing pages that the seller created can be seen on the statistics and description page of the affiliate program. You can use these landing pages for more successful product advertising. For example, you can advertise such landing pages in the CatCut advertiser section. Affiliate links to such landing pages of the product can be generated in the “Connected Affiliate Programs” section.

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