Ways to make money on CatCut

On your short links
How many links do you post on the Internet? How many links do you send to friends? CatCut will help turn your links into those that earn money.
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On Partner Tasks
Affiliate Jobs from CatCut are a great opportunity to earn money from advertiser`s job packages. Read More >
On your site
Want to make money on your site? With CatCut you can advertise on your website and to fully customize its design to make it perfectly displayed. Read More >
On product sales
Do you have something to offer people? With CatCut you can sell whatever you want and withdraw money in a way that is convenient for you. Read More >
On affiliate programs
Affiliate programs from CatCut - this is a great opportunity to earn on sales of proven products. Read More >
On donations
Donate Me от CatCut - это невероятно простой и мощный сервис по приёму донатов. Просто создайте ссылку и принимайте донаты. Read More >
On Referrals
Invite people! There are 2 types of deductions from referrals.
Referral - invited by you user who registered.
The user must go to CatCut from your referral link.
You will find it in the section earnings on referrals.
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