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Questions About Earnings on the Links

How to earn on the transitions on the links?

The system is as follows - you are somewhere on the Internet (on social networks, on forums, in chat rooms, on buxes) posting, share some interesting link. But you can earn on the transitions on this link! To do this, instead of the link that you are going to share, place an alternative short link that is created on CatCut. You can create a link in the section “Earn money on links” -> “Create a link”. In the same section, enable advertising for the link by clicking on the switch.

What do you get?
Person follows the link and during the transition looks through advertising, and you earn! Each transition is paid, which corresponds to the rules of service.

In what cases is the transition not paid?

Below are the cases when the transition is not paid.
1. For the link OFF advertising. To turn on advertising, in the section "Earnings on links" it is necessary to switch the slider of displaying advertising for a link into the green position.
2. The user performs suspicious activity during the transition.
3. The user did not enter the captcha and did not view the advertisement all paid time.
4. The robot made the transition to the links. This is especially true for links posted on social networks, sites or YouTube. Search and statistical robots can make multiple transitions.
5. If you follow your own links and the transfer is not paid, then your actions are perceived as suspicious. This is because the system protection is designed primarily for earnings on the links, placing them on the Internet, so that other users follow them, and you earn.

What is the average payment?

Average payment is a calculation of how much you can earn on average for one click on the link. It is calculated as the arithmetic average payment for all click links over the past 24 hours.

Why income does not correspond to the average payment?

This can be explained by several reasons:
1. If you generate traffic in such a way that one person follows the links many times.
2. If not all transitions are paid (see the question "In what cases is the transition not paid?").
3. Since the average payment is calculated on the previous day, it may not correspond to the average payment at the moment.